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We are an innovative investment advisory and wealth planning firm focused on creating a lasting impact. As fiduciary advisors, we are committed advocates who work solely on behalf of our clients. We are a team of professionals who thrive on collaborating to develop solutions and solve problems. Rather than just focus on the numbers, we focus on you, your priorities and the outcomes you want to achieve. Our approach is to craft a customized strategy that leads to the most meaningful results for you. Working together, we help you secure a fulfilling future and a life that amounts to more.

We believe that the quality of your life is directly impacted by the confidence you feel in your future.

Charles Smith

“Getting to know my clients on a personal level helps me understand how to advise them in a meaningful way. The rapport and understanding we build is the basis of my work with them.”

Sam Kirkpatrick

“I believe that financial health impacts overall wellbeing. One of my goals is to help clients feel secure knowing that the details of their financial lives are taken care of.”

J. Chris Mason

“No one can accurately predict the future, but with thoughtful planning and disciplined investing, we can ensure our clients’ desired outcomes have the highest probability of success.”

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